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Watch me inflate my ego

2014-10-11 19:54:09 by walterwagner

I dont know what else to post so here is a progress picture of 1 year in the gym. This photo is about 5 months old.2281911_141307158571_IMG_1125.jpg

Hey Guys

2014-03-02 05:04:19 by walterwagner

Im Walter I like Stuff, Drop a comment if you want to discuss things or whatever 

Favourite Audio Portal songs

2011-08-18 07:22:36 by walterwagner

well we have all been to the Audio Portal and we all have seen all the amazing music in there yes so ive decided to make a list of all my favourite songs
01Ice Cream Rap-Voice Acting by FatKidWithaJetpak
02Sodomy-Techno/Dance By Sodomy Kings
03Come Clean [LK REMIX]-Dance by LK412
04Jumpstyle is Not a Crime-Jumpstyle by Dj Bjra (Bjra).
05We like To Party!-Dance Loop by no name (mariomusicmaker1).
06Nawwhals Tune- Misechalinous by TheWeebl
07Mario Paint- TtFaF-Video Game Song by Levi Davis (levusbevus).
08Electro Girl - Nexium-Trance song by Amy S (ElectroGirl)
09Tubby Beat-Drum N Bass Loop by Tom Fulp.
10Broken Future-Trance Song by DjPersik DjPersik (kirja100).
11HQRSE-Frantic-Techno song by HQRSE.
12Power Rangers, Man!-Miscellaneous Song by The Mulligans (HyruleanHyroe).
13The Happy Little Martian- Classical song by Andre Boulard (NGXmusical).
14Still Grindin'-Modern Hiphop by BlAcKjAcK.
15Nebula.-Drum N Bass Song by yotipo91.
16 Constructive Destruction-Miscellaneous Song byInvisibleObserver
17 Madness Theme- Uprising-Miscellaneous Song by Joe FX (YaGetMeBruv)
18Adrenaline FX-Drum N Bass Song by axeFX.
19 Porn Loop-Funk Loop by Happy Harry.
20.NES-Style: Eye of the Tiger-Video Game Loop by RageVI.
21.Fall-Pop song by Cayler
22.See You Again (Jebbal Mix) Dance Song by Joey Vitale (JebbaL).
23.Pokemon Dancemix-Dance song by Joey Vitale (JebbaL).
24. Kid Jacked The Car- Modern HipHop by ICYCREWPRODUCTIONS
25.Tech Carnival! House by MMANNYY.
26.The Awakening Dragon C Classical song by Andre Boulard (NGXmusical)
27.Lookin Like A Dick indie song by JonH2O.
28. Fredgy Eurodancer remix Trance song byFredgy
29.Hall of The moutin King or so Video Game Song by Dj-Genix
30.Wicked Clown (TGK Diss) Old School Rap by KnucklesMusic


2011-08-18 06:03:57 by walterwagner

Where the fucks my Cheeze Tv Cunt?



2011-07-29 08:24:15 by walterwagner



Get Ready Forrr

2010-11-13 03:40:43 by walterwagner

Mad Skateboard Skills
Thanks to quagmire690 ive learned how to do the effect thanks man

Get Ready Forrr

Check These guys out

2010-08-28 23:41:11 by walterwagner

So im starting a new thing where I find Musicians with tallent on newgrounds and help em out so they can make it I suggest you check all of these guys out ill keep updating this post.
1. Life Around Creativity These guys are really good They have some really good songs and alot of potential I can see that there going to be big one day Have a look on there profile give em some support show some love everyone <3

List of dumbfucks

2010-03-22 03:56:02 by walterwagner

There are so many dumbfuck noobs on newgrounds i just need to make a list to piss them off now ive just started i will edit so dont worry there will be more what i want from YOU is to go to there pages and troll them they need to leave kthxbye
2. KillerKakashi


2010-01-16 04:19:00 by walterwagner

No not raping rapping here ill will post all my raps there not that great but hey it takes me 10 minutes i am however working on a longer full 3 minute one with beat chorus everything :D so here are my raps

1.Walk into hebrew class its like a different nation get a detention if you start a conversation, dont act like a clown or you'll have to learn an extra noun, all the teachers say Emmmm we never get to listen to Fox FM cause its distracting you get a higher mark for interacting, ill probably get in shit for doing this ra...p pfft i dont care say fuckem all and flip my baseball cap Backwards while yelling Burn in hell nerds. *drops mic* Walter Out

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Ice Sandwhich

2009-12-21 21:21:06 by walterwagner